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Block update check URL

Can you please let me know how to block and which link to be blocked to stop application upgrade option from user side?

Automatic upgrade

please advise how to disable upgrade option from users

martin wrote:

You can block the update check URL on your firewall though.

Can you provide the update URL?

Re: Case

RDakota wrote:

Either I have to keep a copy of matching executable

That's the right approach. You should not rely on the installed version of WinSCP.


My case: On a desktop/server computer I've setup an automated script using PowerShell and .NET dll. Script run well until a user/admin login for the first time and sees a prompt to ask to check for new update. Executable updates but .NET dll doesn't. Either I have to keep a copy of matching executable and overwrite at the beginning of script or manually download .NET dll from site.

Depends on how many people asks for this.

Hi again!

I just realized you started this Feature request as Medium priority. Can I ask that usually how much time does it take to implement a function in the software with Medium priority?

Thank you so much!

Hi, and thanks for your quick feedback!

We are looking forward to the feature be added to your software!


The WinSCP application have the updates disabled by default actually.

It's the WinSCP installer that enables the updates by setting the DefaultUpdatesPeriod, if you keep the default "Enable automatic updates ..." installation task. So just turn the task off and the updates will be disabled too. This obviously won't affect the existing users anymore.

You cannot have WinSCP hide the Check for Updates command.
This request has been added to the tracker:
Issue 1413 – Administrative restriction to disable check for updates

You can block the update check URL on your firewall though.

Hi, and thanks for your feedback.

Our use case would look like this:

  1. We would need that the "Updates" feature/functionality in your software could be completely disabled CENTRALLY (by Administrators), so that the users will not have the ability to modify Update setting.
  2. The users shall not even access the "Updates" menu entry in the Configuration.

Simply put we do not want the program to look for updates, and we do not want the users to perform manual update checks or modify specific central update settings.

thank you!

Re: Disable AutoUpdate feature centrally

The DefaultUpdatesPeriod is the default.
If the user already has own settings, it overrides the default.

What's your use case?

Disable AutoUpdate feature centrally


Is it possible to disable auto update functionality for All Users? Now it seems it works on a per-user level.
I found this suggestion in another topic, but it does not work.

When I configure this setting autoupdate is still available for users.