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Ok, I see.
I shall keep an eye on it and I shall let you know.

Tnx a lot.

Yes it did.

I just closed the WinSCP window.
Didn't WinSCP disconnected this way ?

Re: WinSCP prevents access to files

It looks like your SFTP/FTP server on Windows XP "server" is buggy and keeps the folder locked even after the client (WinSCP) disconnects.

Did you actually disconnect WinSCP before shutting down the machine?

WinSCP prevents access to files

Dear all,
I would like to ask about a behaviour I encounter with WinSCP 5.7.7.
Let's say I create a folder with WinSCP from a distant XP PC (let's name it PC1).
Next, I shut down this first PC1 and I use the Explorer (not WinSCP) in another XP PC (let's name it PC2) to delete/rename this folder. Then I receive the message that it is used by another application, although PC1 is shutted down. In order to do that I have to use again WinSCP from this last PC2.
Is there an explanation for this ?
Thank you all, in advance.