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Re: Access To SessionOptions stucks

It's part of Windows SDK.

Or follow these instructions to get the log without the Fuslogvw:

The SessionOptions constructor looks like this:

public SessionOptions()

    Timeout = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 15);
    RawSettings = new Dictionary<string,string>();

So the contructor itself cannot be the problem.

Re: Access To SessionOptions stucks

Thanks. However, although it takes so much time, after the loading of SessionOptions, all works fine. So, it doesn't look like being a problem related to failure of assembly loading, in the sense that the loading works, but it take ages.

Besides that, I don't have FUSLOGVW.EXE on my PC, nor I found where to download it from.
Can you please help me?


martin wrote:

It is hardly about firewall as no network connection occurs when creating SessionOptions.

It's likely the assembly loading that takes time.
Try to debug it using Fuslogvw.exe:

Access To SessionOptions stucks

my problem can be summarised as follows:
- I have 1 server mounting a SFTP server
- I have client A running my VB6 application that utilises WINSCP on Windows XP
- I have client B running the SAME application but on Windows 7

While client A works fine and gets connected to the server in a very short time, client B also works, but it takes a very long time (35 seconds) for just executing the very first access to the SessionOptions structure. Please look at the following code: the time for just executing line 2 is 35 seconds; all other instructions are executed very fast. This only happens on client B.

1 Private mySessionOptions As New SessionOptions
2 With mySessionOptions
3 .Protocol = Protocol_Sftp
4 .HostName = strhostname
5 .username = strusername
6 .password = strPassword
7 .SshHostKeyFingerprint = strfingerprint
8 End With

Further information:
- Client B is fully dedicated to my only application.
- No firewall active neither on client nor on server machines.
- No antivirus active neither on client nor on server machines.

Can somebody give a hint?
Many thanks.
Roberto Weger