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Thanks for chacking this.
Unfortunately we don´t get any detailed failure message in our server log.
The supplier of the gateway software is still investigating.
If we get any usefull feedback from them I will get in touch with you again.


Re: Issue with WinSCP SFTP in combination with Synchrony Gateway

Is there anything useful in a server log?

Issue with WinSCP SFTP in combination with Synchrony Gateway

Hi Martin,

We are using Synchrony Gateway.
If we enable the local file encryption on the gateway there is an issue to download the files by SFTP.
We are able to connect, get file lists and start the downloads, but after ~30KB download the session crashes.
Other clients (linux standart sftp, lftp, windows filezilla, psftp.exe) don´t have any issue with the download.

We believe the root cause is on the gateway server, but we don´t know why only winscp sessions are crashing.
Could you take a look into the attached logfile if you can see any issue?

many thanks