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That's too bad, I believe it would be very useful.

I found the solution to my problem in the WinSCP options in the meantime.

Fiddling with ENDURANCE setting solved it for me.

Re: Problem with overwriting files going through a Linux virtual machine KVM

No, there's no such option, sorry.

Problem with overwriting files going through a Linux virtual machine KVM

Hello Martin!

Using Winscp 5.7.7 (b6257),

Is it possible to force DELETION of an uploaded file (using WinSCP - latest in Windows 10, connecting to a Fedora Linux server with KVM virtual machine in passthrough security mode) instead of having a confirmation prompt mentionning "access denied" with DELETE button - when in fact, access is NOT denied and file can still be uploaded?

Cannot overwrite remote file ..... access denied. error 3
Buttons appearing are: DELETE, ABORT, RETRY, SKIP, SKIP ALL, HELP


Delete works fine and uploads the file. But hundreds of them? It is very long clicking DELETE, one-by-one.
I would like to force it this way instead of having to choose DELETE every time... surely there could be an option to not get a confirmation dialog?

I have not found it yet..... thanks!!