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Re: x

There can be zillion reasons for speed problems.

If you do not provide details, like what protocol you have problems with, upload or download, network type, speed, latency, speed you get, speed you expect and why, comparison with other clients, we cannot help you.

We have done numerous improvements to performance over the years. I've added some of them to the tracker, so that the "bug" does not look abandoned.

Try the 5.8.2 beta.

What are the other "major bugs"?


thats not about constructivity, that bug / issue was reported here MULTIPLE times and reply was all the time redirection to some HOWTO/documentation which of course didnt solve the issue.

Re: serious issue

Thanks for your constructive feedback :)

serious issue


this application is whole CRAP, with multiple major bugs as that wasnt solved so far.

You should completely get rid of this application from the internet and save other ppl time to finding all this bugs and also refund all the donators... i cant believe how can one sharing that idiotic software without any intense to FIX core bugs.