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You are correct. Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

Thanks for your feedback.
Well, it's not a bug, it's a deficiency. The XML logging is not implemented for background transfers. In fact the XML logging is intended to be used with scripting primarily, where there are no background transfers.

It's actually documented:

Hi Martin. First of all thanks for the program. After comparing almost every line in the config I now know what caused it.

XML logging doesn't work well if these options are ticked:
Transfer > Background > Transfer on background by default
Transfer > Background > Transfer each file individually on background by default

In the config these are:

So with these options enabled, the XML log will log rm, mv, mkdir etc.. but not upload and download.

Would you classify this as a bug or is this known?


Re: XML logging only logs the beginning

Please enable both session logging and XML logging and attach both logs. Ideally from both the user that have and don't have the problem.

Still stuck but I have some more details. This started last Friday. It is affecting at least 2 WinSCP installations on 2 different machines connecting to 2 different SFTP servers using different users.

If file are manipulated remotely, the program logs this. Commands like mkdir, rm and mv are logged.

Download and upload is not logged.

This does not affect 1 user. I exported the configuration of the problem user and working user and they are the same.

Can you help please?

I'm using the latest 5.7.7 version.

XML logging only logs the beginning

We have been using the XML log instead of the session log for years now. We use the XML because it is easier to parse.

It is log to a file: C:/path/!S!D!M!Y!T.xml

In the past it would log perfectly all the activity. Suddenly with no changes it would create the log file but only log the beginning and nothing else:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<session start="2016-05-17T08:14:11:358Z" name="SFTP" xmlns=""> </session>

Those are the only 2 lines it would save. This started last Friday. And this does not happen on every user. I compared the INI files of the settings between the user that works and doesn't and the logging section is almost the same.

The INI of the user that cannot log has these different:

The working user:

I tried changing the entries but it still wouldn't work. I even tried removing the INI and starting fresh. I changed the setting to log to XML again, but it still wouldn't work.

Any ideas please?