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Thanks for trying. Please upload the video, once you manage to reproduce it.
John Connor

Well I keep tryiung to capture this behavior in video, but it isn't doing it now. It doesn't happen all the time.

I'll try and make a video. It happens when I want to drag a file from the left. I click on that file and all of a sudden everything scrolls up.

Re: Auto scrolling

Thanks for your report. Though I do not understand, under what circumstances does the "the list of items on the left scroll".
John Connor

Auto scrolling

Hi. This has bugged me for a while now and was wondering if it can be fixed. I use commander style. When I want to select a file on the left which is my desktop to drag over to my FTP server the list of items on the left will scroll and I have to go back down again and select the file I want. This doesn't happen all the time. It is annoying though when it happens.