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Thank you for sharing @Sarge, I was experiencing the same with the installed version. My configuration is saved in WinSCP.ini, stored into the same folder of the app.

Have a nice day.


OK, you really meant "site bookmarks". I've expected that you actually mean "saved sites".

This change is tracked here:

Thank you for the feedback.
The answers as follows
– Portable WinSCP completely stored at mounted disk (VeraCrypt) including sites/configurations/logs
– Configuration stored in .INI file (same dir where portable WinSCP)
– Name - WinSCP.ini
– Only previous Site Bookmarks lost. All other config at place.

Making the tests I found the reason !

582 version stores site bookmarks under IP only

583 version stores site bookmarks under IP AND PORT

I have edited WinSCP.ini by text editor adding port number - and previous bookmarks are at place !


So during an upgrade from 582 to 583 users must change it manually.

Re: WinSCP 5.8.3 RC portable loses site bookmarks

Where do you have your sites/configuration stored? Registry or an INI file? If INI file, where is it stored? What is its name? Are just sites lost or whole configuration?

WinSCP 5.8.3 RC portable loses site bookmarks

Hello !
I use portable version of WinSCP 5.8.2 on Windows 10 32bit, everything is OK.
I tried to replace WinSCP.exe to latest portable one - 5.8.3 RC.
It started and works, but it does not read site bookmarks made by 5.8.2
When I returned 5.8.2 exe back - I see again my site bookmarks.
Seems a bug with 5.8.3 RC portable version, please, check.