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Re: Unable to see mapped network drives in Windows 7

@cbfuk: Thanks for the screenshots.
I have sent you an email with a debug version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

Re: Restart of WinSCP Fixed the problem

Interesting, thanks for the info. Unfortunately mine is more stubborn - several system restarts later, the problem is still there.
Tim P

Restart of WinSCP Fixed the problem

In my case, I had just done an install of a new version (5.7.7) of WinSCP. After the install it started automatically and it showed no network drives. I shut it down and restarted it and all the drives showed up and were accessable.

Incidentally the install also appears to have fixed a problem with the old version which prevented me uploading from the FTP site to the local network drive.

Network Drives not showing up on Windows 7

I have the same trouble. See attachements.

Re: Unable to see mapped network drives in Windows 7

Hi prikryl, appreciate the quick reply. Screenshots attached. Yes, D: is available in all other situations, including CMD. It's only WinSCP which seems to dislike it! A NET USE command lists the Drive D map ok.

Just to make sure it isn't anything odd about the specific share, I mapped another share (on a different server). WinSCP doesn't list it either. Is it something to do with the WinAPI call you use to get the drive list?


Re: Unable to see mapped network drives in Windows 7

Thanks for your report. Can you post a screenshot of both WinSCP and Windows Explorer? Can you do D: on command-line (= in cmd.exe)?

Unable to see mapped network drives in Windows 7

My new install of WinSCP 5.7.7 (Build 6257) on a new Windows 7 desktop box (Lenovo) does not include Drive D: in the left-hand (Commander, local drive) panel drop-down. This drive letter is mapped to a network resource (Linux Samba share) which works perfectly in Windows (and previously worked also in WinSCP on WinXP).

It appears that all locally-connected drives are being displayed in this list (even an encrypted partition running through a TrueCrypt driver is there) but not network shares. Anybody have any suggestions?