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Re: Stop folders expanding on selection

Thanks for your suggestion, I'll consider it. Though it's not as easy change as you might think.

Stop folders expanding on selection


I am using winscp 5.7.6 on win 7, explorer interface. Whenever I select, i.e. single click on a remote folder that contains subfolders in the left hand pane, the folder in that pane expands to show all the subfolders. This is not desirable for me as the pane gets very 'busy' looking after clicking on just a handful of folders.

Is there any way to configure the behaviour when selecting folders in this way? What I would like to be able to do is disable the folder expansion when I single click, and maybe activate it by some other means (e.g. double click on the folder, single click on the folder arrow).

Basically I'm asking if the winscp explorer view can be configured to operate more like the win 7 file explorer app.