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Re: Only preferences are overwritten

OK, thanks for your suggestion. Will consider it.

Only preferences are overwritten

OK, after having restarted WinSCP I noticed that the existing sites reappear. They disappear during the import, but they reappear after restarting WinSCP :)

However, some test changes I did in the configuration are really lost.

It would be very nice if an ini file that contains only site data would not touch the configuration. Or, alternatively, to offer the "import sites" command for ini files as source.


Import Sites from ini file?


I have created a .ini file that contains only site data [Sessions\...]. Unfortunately I cannot import it without overwriting existing config and sites.

I would like to share only the site data in a team, but the user's existing sites and configuration must not be overwritten.

Using WinSCP 5.5.4 on Win7.