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I removed the OpenSSH and installed back; got it work again.
Thanks for the help.


Re: Authentication failed even if using the correct credentials

Can you connect with any other SFTP/SSH client? If not, it's not a WinSCP issue. Consider asking elsewhere, e.g on

Authentication failed even if using the correct credentials

Hi all,

2 weeks ago, I setup SFTP server in Windows 2008 R2 which was working. Today, I tried logging in, it's not working anymore. I did a Debug 2 on my connection (please refer to the attached WinSCP_Debug_2.log). Within this 2 weeks, the only changes I see in the server is that there were new Microsoft patches installed. Please refer to Patches.txt for the list of patches.

Just wanted to check if there are known Microsoft patches that could affect the functionality of the SFTP?

Thank you for the help!