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Hi Martin,

Sorry for the delay in responding – while tomcat prompted perfectly when run out of eclipse, it took some effort to convince it to do so also on the www-dev host.
But now it does – as a browser test to reveals.
But WinSCP still doesn’t send the authorization header :(

Any hints?


Re: HTTP Basic Auth with WebDAVs

Seeing the logs you have emailed me:

Are you sure it's a WebDAV server?

Neither the WinSCP log nor the Cyberduck log show any WebDAV exchange. Can you show a larger piece of the Cyberduck log?

HTTP Basic Auth with WebDAVs

While creating an authenticated large file upload for Swiss Authorities with
WebDAVs, it works for example with Cyberduck.
With winscp, there is no "authorization" header on the server-side nor any other field where I
could see the password be transmitted.
How could I get this to work?