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Re: Some language characters are messing up all notepad fonts

Thanks for your report. Can you attach a sample file?

I meant to say it's messing up your EDITOR displaying font (not noetpad)

Windows notepad is presenting all this lines with the same default font.

Some language characters are messing up all notepad fonts

The editor getting different display font as result of the language characters
that are used in the code links. Please see attached picture.
As you can see, the marks in red indicates the code lines that took different font for displaying.

When clicking right mouse and checking the Preferences, all three types of font as displayed,
are the same as default (consolas 11), and the encoding is UTF-8.

Copying all my code a notepad (it looks fine on the notepad) and saving on a new index.html file,
is bringing back these line with the same two new fonts that you can see at the picture.

I cant get from where these fonts changes are coming from.
Very strange.