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Re: Donate but I cannot download the pro version

Thanks for your donation.

Though there's no "pro" version of WinSCP. What made you think so? The only feature you get with donation are automatic updates.

What is "Putty's progen generator"? Do you mean PuTTYgen? It's a free open source application, that bundled with WinSCP. You can even get it separately:

Donate but I cannot download the pro version

I donated to get the pro version and be able to work with advanced features, mainly Putty's progen generator.
Initially it installed ok using the link from my e-mail However, since I was learning how to use with my server, I had installed it twice. After that if I try with the link I get the portable version without any advanced feature. Can you help me? Can you send me the pro link again? if not, please refund the money I donate for it.


Vinicio Baquero