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Re: Trouble trying to script download files with newer date and time

Please attach a complete log file, using the latest version of WinSCP.

Trouble trying to script download files with newer date and time

I am trying to FTP download some files that are updated periodically.

The script works when the local file doesn't exist, but once it has been downloaded, and I run the script next day, it doesn't see the difference, even though the remote files have been updated. (They are zipx, have the same filenames, but have been updated with new data, date and time).

The script I am using is the following:
open CtasBackupMySQL
synchronize local -mirror -filemask="CtasWebSitesDataBackup???.zipx" E:\Shared\Backup_VPS /

I turned on logging, and have attached the extracts showing the file listing and that nothing to sync.

One file, CtasWebSitesDataBackupThu.zipx has an older date locally, but it is not synched.

Please tell me what is wrong, or a work around to achieve this.