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Is the WinSCP.ini file in the same folder as WinSCP.exe? Does the scheduled job have that as it's working folder? My guess is that there's no site named RA_CV_Storage_FTP in the ini file, so it's treating it as a domain name.

"Host does not exist" when run from Task Scheduler

Hi, I'm trying to automate FTP file synchronisation by running a batch file from Task Scheduler (currently on Windows 2008R2 server).

The batch file I'm trying to run contains the following: /Console /Script=WinSCP_SyncRA_CV_script.txt

The script file it is referencing simply contains this:
open RA_CV_Storage_FTP

synchronize local

When I manually run the batch file everything works perfectly.
However, when I run it via Task Scheduler the batch file appears to run because it writes to log file but I get the following:
Searching for host...

Host "RA_CV_Storage_FTP" does not exist.

Anybody have any ideas what might be going on?