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Re: Sync and backup multiple folders automatically

Sorry, but that's a complex businesses logic. We cannot write your code for you.

Ask specific questions about specific problems and we can help you.

Sync and backup multiple folders automatically

Hey there!

I work as a trainee for a company and I got into some serious troubles when I got the following task:

We are manufacturing car parts for companies. This means that we recieve new orders each day, these files are being uploaded to a "request_ftp" folder by them. However we also send delevery notes to them which is uploaded to the "delivered_ftp" folder on the very same FTP server.

At this point when they upload a new order.xml to the "request_ftp" folder, I have to manually copy it to our local server "request_local" AND "request_backup" folder. Vice versa when our delivery sets off I manually copy delivered.xml from "delivered_local" onto the FTP server "delivered_ftp" and the local "delivered_backup" folder. If a file was copied to the proper folders I must delete them from the originial folder.

I need to make this procedure automatic but I am quite new to these kind of things.
I have tried "Keep remote directory up to date" but I could not setup it to multiple directories at the same time.
Additionally I would like to know how to copy files into two different directories and delete them from the original place if this is possible.

The best solution would be a executable batch file for this whole process.

Thank you in advance and have a nice day!