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Re: Cannot run WinSCP on WINPE operating system

WinSCP has a dependency on Windows Shell that is not present in the WinPE environment.

Cannot run WinSCP on WINPE operating system

We have a Windows build solution that uses WINPE USB build sticks to recover failed Windows machines. When the user boots from the USB stick, I want to perform a file synchronization with an HTTPS WEBDAV share. I prefer to use the portable version of WinSCP so I only have a couple of files to copy on to the stick.

When I try to run either the or the WinSCP.exe it doesn't enter the WinSCP command line it just simply returns command prompt.

I have tried using all versions of WinPE and added all the possible features but still no luck.

Has anyone managed to get WinSCP running in WINPE?