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Re: Passwords

This is not the right forum to debug an access to your NAS.

What I am asking is: is the WinSCP username and password going to be the same account as the Synology account one. I assume it is and so do not understand why it is not working. I have not used the WinSCP for some months as everything was working fine. Then yesterday the VPN goes down - asking for authentication, even though I have not changed a thing. My GUI to the Synology also complains that the certificate is not created by a recognised creator - what is going on? My PC did have a windows update the night before but that can#t possibly upset the remote NAS, nor my local one surely.
I do remember at some point switching to PuTTY and having to type sudo su before account details but now everything (WinSCP and PuTTY) enter the username and I am just left trying passwords.
Any pointers would be so helpful as I am trying to get to the log files of the NAS to see why my VPN suddenly flipped. Thanks.


Hi, I seem to be failing to get my password right for admin or root on my Synology box. However under admin I can log on fine using the NAS GUI. What is going on please? Am I losing it already!