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Re: Program window in background.

Thanks for your posts.

This makes sense. Will think about it.

Re: Program window in background.

I would second the request to allow the user to move the window.

I have the use case where I have multiple monitors and a couple of remote desktops or virtual machines. I find it annoying that I am not able to move the WinSCP before connecting to my monitor of choice. Something so simple for more pleasant UX may help with the donation support.

Re: Program window in background.

I am running into this too. Sometimes I open WinSCP and then drag the window to another monitor. Now I have to connect to a server before I can drag the window. Can a preference please be added to restore the old behavior? PuTTY works the same way - you don't get the main PuTTY console window until you connect to a server.


Re: Program window in background.

The purpose of the background window is that it gives the user context on what the login is for.
People get confused by getting just the login dialog, not understanding where they are logging to.

Re: Program window in background.


I also prefer the old behaviour where only the server connection box opened because of those two reasons:
- The window in the background covers the whole screen so you can't have the server connection box open and do stuff in the background (for example on the desktop)
- The window has no purpose because you can't click on it (modal)

Otherwise: thank you very much for the great update!


I do not understand how this change can make you connect to a wrong server?

Just a personal thing, I have a lot of servers and like to look at the server I am connecting to and just then confirm the IP in Virtualmin browser tab I have open, just a personal habit.

Don't want to work on the wrong server accidentally :)

I have switched back to 5.7.7

Why does it happen though.


Re: Program window in background.

Do you have any problem with that?

Program window in background.

Hi, since recent updates of Winscp when you start the program not only does the server connections box show but also the full program in the background, anyway to stop this from happening?