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Unfortunately this is not an option unless there is one more trick to get around the new problem. When I uncheck that box and then double click on files, it tries to open them as a directory or link (?). I have to right click on the file and manually select an editor. So that's not really an option because I am double clicking on files to open in my default external editor all the time.

That works, thanks for pointing it out. However, it only changes the current session. It does not change it globally. I have hundreds of saved sites. Instead of editing each one and remembering to uncheck that box each time I save a new site, is there any way to change this default globally?

I already tried changing a session and then selecting Manage > Set Defaults with that session selected for global defaults but it does not set that particular default globally.

Only read headers on large directories

WINSCP is an essential tool for me. The developer(s) should be proud of what they have accomplished with this product. So my complaint/feature request is very much constructive.

My one major complaint is that WINSCP bogs down when reading large directories using SFTP. For example, /usr/lib or usr/lib64. It appears to be reading all links and all directories before displaying the results. This can sometimes take 2, 3 or more minutes before results are displayed and I can do anything. If I browse to another directory and come back it does it all over again. I am not familiar with the inner workings of SFTP but there should be some way to improvement this.

Anything that can be done to speed up reading/displaying/acting on large directories would be greatly appreciated.