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i need the local time and i preferd that the xml log file show the local time and not the utc ,there is a some solution for this ?

Re: log with utc instead the local time

Do you have any specific problem with converting the UTC time to a local time?

log with utc instead the local time

hi ,i am use sftp on winscp 5.7.6 (windows server 2012 r2) and my clock in the server set to (utc+2) and the day light saving time checked..
my problem is that in the xml log file, the time is always the utc time (3 hours Difference between utc and my clock in the server)..
there is another version of winscp that i can get in the xml log files the local clock of the server ?
or some another solution / work around that give me the same hour in my server and the xml log file ?