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Thanks for advice.
Problem has been able to resolve.

dont warking same script on 5.9

Only 5.9 on Windows7(32bit), no longer work is Script that was moving before

CommandLine as follows:
set lf=%date:~-10,4%%date:~-5,2%%date:~-2,2%
"C:\winscppath\winscp" /script="D:\dairywork\trans_serv1.scr" /log="M:\ServerLogs\serv1\scplog\log_%lf%.log" > M:\ServerLogs\serv1\scplog\bat_%lf%.log

file bat_yyyymmdd.log Appears as follows:
No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page

file log_yyyymmdd.log does not exist

but. Same Script(trans_serv1.scr) is operating properly under the following Client conditions: 5.9 on Windows StorageServer 2012R2(64bit) 5.7.7 on Windows StorageServer 2012R2(64bit) 5.7.7 on Windows 7(32bit)

trans_serv1.scr Script as follows:
open user1@serv1
option batch on
option confirm off
option transfer binary
option reconnecttime 30
synchronize local "M:\ServerLogs\serv1\http\purelog" /inetpub/logs/LogFiles/Apache
synchronize local "M:ServerLogs\serv1\ftp\purelog" /inetpub/logs/LogFiles/FTPSVC2

serv1 Setting at All Client as follows:
Password is saved
UTF-8 Encode is Auto

Targer serv1 Server works IIS-FTP on Windows 2008R2
Target FTP Site Settings : Allow UTF-8 is True
(but , it did not change even if set to False)

If Using winscp.exe 5.9 GUI will work without problems.

I do not only continue to use 5.7.7 ?

But is another matter , I want to quit to output the raw password to log.