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Did you consider changing your password to ascii-only? Once you have to use a server that does not support unicode passwords properly.

No I cannot login with putty.... In fact I need an utility like SuperPutty to login. No solution?
My server is old Debian GNU/Linux 7 3.2.68-1+deb7u6 i686 (wheezy).

Re: Special characters again.... in the GUI

Since 5.9, the WinSCP adheres to the SSH standard by using UTF-8 encoding for credentials.

Chances are that your server does not adhere to the standard. So the change broke compatibility between your server and the WinSCP.

How do you set your password? Are you able to login using the latest version of PuTTY?

Special characters again.... in the GUI

Cannot login through GUI after upgrade to WinSCP 5.9: my password for my site contains "è" character... ( which is %E8 ).
In the log it is shown as "è".
How to login again?