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Re: Count Property Missing From EnumerateRemoteFiles

What example? I'm not aware of any example with this code.

Count Property Missing From EnumerateRemoteFiles

I have just installed Version 5.9 including the 5.9 Assemblies which I have added to GAC.

I am trying to use the Count property of the EnumerateRemoteFiles method, but I get an error saying that the property does not exist, here's my code:

Dim filesCount As Int32 = session.EnumerateRemoteFiles("/home/MyFolder", "*.xml", EnumerationOptions.None).Count()

I copied the code from examples.

I did an upgrade install from 5.7 to 5.9, also I have never installed the assemblies before so it's a clean setup as far as that is concerned. I also seached for all instances of WinSCP.exe and WinSCPnet.dll and the only files on the machine come from the 5.9 download.

Please help!