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Moving Remote files

Hello, I'm trying to create a batch script to move files on my remote pc to a different folder after I sync them with a folder on my local pc. I was able to move my local files to a different folder after I sync them to a folder on my remote pc using this, move C:\Users\Username\Desktop\FTP\Out\*.* C:\Users\Username\Desktop\FTP\Sent\ , but this doesn't work when I try to do it with my remote pc files.

The files start out in the Out Folder on my remote pc, then I sync the folder with another folder on my local pc. Once the sync is done, I want all the files that were synced to move to my Sent Folder on my remote pc.

Not sure if this makes a difference but my "remote pc" is a raspberry pi. I tried to use this to move the files, move /home/pi/Desktop/FTP/Out/*.* /home/pi/Desktop/FTP/Sent/ .