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I want this too. When I right-click an empty space, or right-click any file or folder, the context menus that appear should have a Paste option. Currently the option is only accessible via File menu or by pressing Ctrl-V.

Using it on a folder should paste inside the folder right-clicked on, while using it on a file or empty space should simply paste into the current directory (the file right-clicked on is irrelevant).

paste context menu

Hello Martin,

I wish the right click menu had a paste option, too. I know it can be done via CTRL+V but it should also be on the menu. It would be great if you rise the priority of the tracker entry.

Re: Paste command in right mouse button menu

Thanks for your post. This request has been added to tracker.

Paste command in right mouse button menu


Many times I find myself clicking the right mouse button only to remember that WinSCP doesn't have the "Paste" command in that menu. Most Windows applications have this command there, so it would be great if WinSCP would join them :-)

NOTE: I am talking about the right mouse button menu that appears when you click in an empty area, and has commands such as "Go to", "Refresh", etc.