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Editorant wrote:

Is here a setting for fix file names as utf8?

Sorry, but I do not understand, what you mean.

Is here a setting for fix file names as utf8?

Re: Bug with synchronize

I assume there must be a file with an invalid file name, somewhere in your directory tree. When WinSCP gets any non-UTF-8 text from the server, it assume the server does not use UTF-8 encoding and stops converting the files names. If that decision was wrong (the server uses UTF-8 in general, except for that single text/single invalid file), it effectively breaks any later use of any non-ASCII file.

After now press hundred times "skip all" its finished synchronize the upload-folder with uploads from users. Each user have a own folder. I synchronized the upload-folder again with a second winscp app and he found the missing files and downloaded all successful. No errors found.

He must be a problem with a very large synchronize?

Bug with synchronize


Great project I love winscp :)

- Version 5.9.1 (Build 6885)
- Windows 10 (german)

I start a synchronize from remote to locale and get very often a errorbox with "Cannot open remote file"

I have take a look in it and found that always a wrong message, the file exists every time. Take a look in the screeenshot, you see that the "é" is missmatch. That is for all characters like ä ö ü ß é .......

I make here a big backup. The calculation for comparing was > 15 hours.

I have make a short test synchronization for a single folder with images (second winscp process). There was no problem with é ê and ß in file name. So why in the big one?

(Side request: please make "skip all" button to skip __all files__. I must press "skip all" button hundred times in the synchronization. Thats not helpful.

(I can't register me: "You have exceeded the number of registration attempts for this session. Please try again later." What? That was my first try ^^)