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Re: Possible to exclude older files from sync comparison?

WinSCP still has to list all the files to find out, if they have been modified since June.

Possible to exclude older files from sync comparison?


I wanted to try using WinSCP as a simple solution to backing up my files to an SFTP server. However, it's impractical when it has to compare every file every time - it would take days just to do the comparison, let alone the upload.

I want WinSCP to only compare files that have been modified since June. So, I do:

synchronize remote F:\Seb /incoming/winscp -criteria=time -transfer=binary -filemask=">2016-06-01 00:00:00" -preview

But it doesn't make a bit of difference... it still takes its time comparing every old file with that of the remote server. I also tried:

option exclude "<2016-06-01 00:00:00"
synchronize remote F:\Seb /incoming/winscp -criteria=time -transfer=binary -preview

Not sure if filemasks are supposed to work with option exclude, but in any case it didn't work either. I also tried the ">120D" filemask syntax to no avail.

Any suggestions on how I could limit this endless synchronize comparison? I just want simple SFTP backup that actually works.