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Re: Folder in Site Bookmarks UI

martin wrote:

There's an alternative bookmark mode, called location profiles, that supports folders:

Thank you, This is almost what i am asking for.

In Ideal it would be good that bookmarks (or so called profiles) can be arranged the same as you allow to arrange sites.
Like folders with possibilities of sub folders.

Also 'Move To' is not that intuitive without action, called 'New Folder...'. I guess there is a reason in that 'Move To...' instead of just 'Create New Folder' and then drag in drop a bookmark to the folder... it's me probably being dumb :), at first it took me a while of searching and reading the manuals to realize, that "Move To" means "create new folder" and "move selected path" (what if i start fresh w.o. having any path saved) to a folder.

Just to put this straight, i am very happy to use your product, and all this whining is only about making the one even better :)

Folder in Site Bookmarks UI

Dear WinSCP team,

first, thank you for the great tool!

A little but crucial, at least for me, improvement I would like to see in the future product releases.

Use case: I use Site Bookmarks a lot. On our server(s) there are plenty of different paths i constantly revisit e.g.: log directories, config derectories, archive directories, ui, reports, and so on, and so on. I am saving all freq paths i revisit time to time in 'Site Bookmarks'. As a result the list grew to unusable monster.

It would be nice to have possibility to create folder inside 'Site Bookmarks' tab and move/create paths inside that folder. So that bookmarks are grouped and managed with better efficiency.

thank you in advance!