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Re: Using WinSCP as default Ftp-Client for Dreamweaver CC?

martin wrote:

That's rather a question for Dreamweaver.

LOL, so true, ... but I wondered if someone here got an idea,... Adobe doesn't seem to be very attaractive for forum like user experience feedback etc... :( - otherweise the product would be better ;)

Thanx though.
I still hope maybe someone got an idea ;)

Re: Using WinSCP as default Ftp-Client for Dreamweaver CC?

That's rather a question for Dreamweaver.

Using WinSCP as default Ftp-Client for Dreamweaver CC?

I got the weirdest challenge.
I do webdevelopment and webdesign stuff. And I do use Dreamweaver for many years for many reasons, especially since it has WYSIWYG-Feature that really help me to work with more ease. So sorry to all of those who will recommend me to ditch Dreamweaver, and even though i do know and appreciate tools such as Notepad++, etc. - I do really want to keep it for now ;)

There is mainly one single annoyance: the ftp-client.
I do often save+upload my files, but DW blocks everything until the upload has finished, or partially it will even undo new changes I ve madde to the file while the ftp was doing the upload,... I cant tell how frustrating this is.
Since i have worked with other tools, such as notepad etc. I know things could be soo different , but well:

I realized that if i open an htm or php file through WinSCP in DWeaver (since the default application for those files in my case is DW) THEN, and only then WinSCP handles the ftp-jobs. But that means that i d have to open the files always thru Winscp which is complicated and time comsuming as well (several windows, etc. etc.)

- so the simple question:

Is it possible to somehow use WinSCP as the Ftp-Client for Dreamweaver CC?
I tried to find out, but couldnt find anything yet.

Thanx so much in advance!! :)

I'd pay 22,22 dollars via paypal for a satisfying answer, I d pay more, but right now, i can't. ;)