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Re: type 2 (protocol error) "Too many users for this IP"

The "Watching for changes" is using a single connection only.

And I have no idea what you mean by "on load".

Also WinSCP closes the connection automatically. There's nothing you can do more. It's not even technically possible for a connection to survive a process exit.

I looks like a server-side problem or some network problem. I assume the problem resolves itself after some time, once the server times out the connections.

type 2 (protocol error) "Too many users for this IP"

hi all,

Im using SFTP and ssh for my functions (Sync func, Watching for changes func and so).
It all worked fine but suddenly i get the "Too many users for this IP" error.

I think that "Watching for changes" func is using more than 8 connections, because for testing purposes i called it "on load" and maybe its the problem.

So now, i cant use any of my functions. I also get this error when i try to login with Winscp.exe.

how can i close the connections (if thats the problem) and fix the problem?

Please help.