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Thanks! If you do implement it, i would recommend trying to copy Google chromes tab design, including the buttonlike parallelogramic tab to add another tab.

Re: Tabs suggestion

Thanks for your suggestions. We will consider them.

And yes, the second is a big change.

Tabs suggestion

This suggestion addresses two issues concerning the session tabs! Maybe both could be done, but if one is not doable, the other may well be worth a thought.

1) I think the design of them are hard to distinquish and small compared to their importance. I often switch between tabs, but they can be hard to spot between all other icons. See my screenshot of how it is now and the other how i would like it to be! It is a browser-like design where the tabs work excellent to organise multiple websites.

2) I think these tabs are the most important part of the window. And i notice that i have to switch live syncing a lot between tabs as it is not possible to have multiple sessions live synced simultaneously. For instance, i work on a game and on a game server simultaneously but can not have both locations live synced: i have to shut down sync on one, switch to the other and put it on here. Tabs in this new way should allow to have multiple sites live synced (see the icon in the tab iteself). Other functions may also profit from this multiplicity. I understand that this may be a major change, but it would be awesome and the right thing to do (and good for another donation!)[/img]