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I made this way harder than it needed to be. All I needed was a script file to log in, get to the right folder on the FTP site, and issue the following command:
get -delete *.zip

That command deletes the files off the FTP site as soon as it has completed downloading them.

Then I set up a batch file to run the script and move *.zip to folder "B", then a task scheduler item to call the batch file every 15 minutes. Works like a charm. Gave myself a pat on the back loud enough for my coworkers to laugh at me.

Two Way Synchronization?

I have to fetch FTP files from a server in the "DMZ" and put them in folder "A" on my local server, then move them to location "B" on my local server. When I know I have downloaded the files I have to delete them from the FTP server. I do this once an hour for most of the day.

I set up synchronization between the FTP folder and folder “A” (commands -> keep remote directory up to date). When I move the files from “A” to “B” it works like a charm, and the files get deleted from the FTP site.

Unfortunately, I discovered that synchronization is not a two way street. When new files show up on the FTP site they don’t automatically show up in WinSCP and it doesn’t download them for me. Is there a way to get it to refresh the remote listing on a regular basis so that it continually fetches new FTP files?

If I can get a two way synch going then I could write a batch file that runs [Move <folder A> <folder B>] every 15 minutes, and the whole process would be automated.