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thanks for your answer. I will try with another version of Kitty because I've never experienced this bug before.

Re: Reading key file with space in path

It's a bug in KiTTY, please report it to them.

KiTTY runs WinSCP like

winscp.exe s /privatekey=c:\path with spaces\mykey.ppk

It does not wrap the path with spaces to double quotes.

Reading key file with space in path

Hi everyone,

I have a strange bug since I've reinstalled my computer on Windows 10.
I have the latest version of Putty/Kitty/WinSCP.

My ssh keys for Kitty are located in D:\DOCUMENTS & SETTINGS\Bureau\ssh_keys.

When I open a new SSH session with Kitty, and right click the window bar to use the "Start WinSCP" menu, the connection fails and I have this in the logs:

. 2016-09-26 16:04:32.060 Reading key file "D:\DOCUMENTS"
. 2016-09-26 16:04:32.061 Unable to use this key file (unable to open file)
! 2016-09-26 16:04:32.061 Unable to use key file "D:\DOCUMENTS" (unable to open file)

It looks like the key path is truncate because of the space...
I've never experienced this issue before, so I don't really understand.

Can you please help ?

Thank you very much.