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1) The passphrase is never stored anywhere.

2) You have to copy the key files too.

`well that is very very funny...

note: i am trying to port over the winscp app from one to another computer

installed the winscp newest version on the new notebook - and ported over the ini-data as adviced...

but all i get is an error...

loginprotocoll:_see sessionprotocol for Details):
Unable to use key file "E:\_data__export\filezilla_\filezilla_pass_file" (unable to open file)
Verwende Benutzername "vhost".

what can i do now

hello Martin

many thanks - i did it - and i was successful

btw: the passphrase is not coming with the credentials - the ini-data!?

in other words: i have to type the passphrase in the login - window!?

no one -....

exporting the credentials - in order to move from one notebook to another

hello dear winscp

one little quesion:

how to export the credentials - in order to move from one notebook to another

love to hear from you