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Re: File containing source files paths

Thanks for your feedback.
The request became a bit more challenging.

1 - I need to obtain from a database the paths for the files that I need to copy (No problem). The files are stored in multiple subfolders.
2 - The files need to be renamed and then copied to their final location.

I think I'll use a .Net script to achieve this. I was hoping to use WinSCP but this might be just too much for it.


martin wrote:

Not directly.

Either create the file list with put command prefix.

Or use the file list to generate ad-hoc upload script.

File containing source files paths


I need to transfer multiple files that are stored in different subfolders within a folder. My question is, can I create a file containing the paths of all the files that I need to transfer and then use that file in a script?

Thanks in advance for your help.