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Re: Updated to 5.9.2 and script no longer working

What does it mean "is not working"? Any error message? Show us a log file.

You are definitely missing a space between the /mnt/data/radar_uaf/ and the -filemask. But that could never work.

Have you tried enabling logging? Maybe it will provide some insight.

Updated to 5.9.2 and script no longer working

I recently upgraded to 5.9.2 and now my automated script is not working. The script is

option confirm off
option batch abort
open s -privatekey=C:\Radar_config\icepirate.ppk
synchronize local "C:\\Radar_data\\1HrMotion\\" /mnt/data/radar_uaf/-filemask="*.png>90N; |*masked.png"

Did something change in the new version that means this script won't work?
Thanks in advance for your help.