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Wow, I have not noticed the button before :). Thank you!
And thanks for posting the request, the keyboard shortcut is still the most convenient for this.

There's a toolbar button for this. You do not have to go to the menu.

Anyway, this request has been added to the tracker:

To put in in other way - I do not need to have numerical keyboard to anything else, just this.

Because I need to have a small light portable laptop, not any 17 inches big monster. I think that no 13' laptop have numerical keyboard. I am not really keyboard-centric, but I very often need to select lots of files according to some pattern in their names and to go to Select - Select group with touchpad is really slow.
To be honest, I think that nowadays there is a lot of good laptops with high performance, good processors, SSD discs etc. which do not have numerical keyboard, so it is really pity that such useful shortcut is not available for them (I would love to have an option to set in the Settings of WinSCP to use any combination of ctrl, alt or fn + anything for this action).

Re: Shortcut for selecting group for laptop without num+ key

Sorry, there's no other shortcut, nor it is possible to customize the shortcuts.

To be honest, if you are keyboard-centric, why did you purchase a notebook with a limited keyboard?

Shortcut for selecting group for laptop without num+ key


I am trying to find a shortcut for selecting/deselecting a group of files on a laptop, which does not have a num+/num- key. I need this operation quite frequently and now I have a laptop without num+ and I am really desperate. Is there a way to hit num+ with some other shortcut? Or is there a way to redefine this shortcut to some other combination of keys?

Thanks a lot for help!