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WinSCP cannot archive a directory on a remote server.
All it can do (with some limitations), is to execute a remote shell commands.
That does not mean, we should provide support for all *nix shell commands here.

I am using the program WinSCP to archive a directory on a remote server, how is that nothing to do with WinSCP? It is a custom command of WinSCP. I am just trying to figure out how to save the folders when extracted. Is it not capable of doing this?

Re: Archive a Directory

Well, your question has nothing to do with WinSCP. We cannot support rar command here.

Archive a Directory

I am trying to archive a directory on a remote server and have it keeps all the folders in tact. I tried using the command " rar a -ep "!?&Enter an Archive Name:?archive.rar!" !& " without the "" and it did archive everything but when I extracted the archive on my local computer it just had all the files (over 6000 files) spread out with no folders. Is there anyway I can keep all the folders that I started with and keep everything within those folders to stay there?