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Re: WinSCP on a RAQ4

You may setup chrooted session. Search the forum for details.

WinSCP on a RAQ4

Hi all,

I'm a new user of winSCP and I'm using it on our cobalt raq4 server. Their are several virtual domains (webservers) hosted on that server.

Here's my question:

If I login with the username and password of a "normal" siteadmin (means= siteadmin of one of this virtual servers) I can have access to all other domains on that server and I can go "down" to the root directory with winscp. Well, I can't delete anything but I can see most dirs and copy their content.
That does not happen if I use WS_FTP.

I will recommend the use of WinSCP to all our clients, but I don't want them to "sniffer" in all other directories.

Is their a way to restrict access only to that virtual domains for that user?

Many thanks for your help,

Joern Weber