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I found a powershell script in Extensions that do what i want, i should try KeepLocalUpToDate.WinSCPextension.ps1 later.

Sorry for that i dont find it before i asked.


Keep Local directoty up to Date. (Auto Syncronize?)

I have an ftp server there the files there get updated/ modified and get new timestamps. Then this happened I want to download the files to my local computer. I think it is contrariwise to that the button Keep Remote directoty up to Date works.

If I press the Syncronize button its works fine, the files on my local computer is updated. But I have to press the button every time, I want it to do itself for say 1 or 5 minutes. Så my local folder “always” is synchronized.

I see people are talking about scripts is that this way I have to do, or have I misunderstand the settings in the software?