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Re: File lost when "Disconnect when Operation Finishes" selected

It's a bug. I have not realized until now that it won't work with drag&drop. If you download files by other means (key-shortcut, menu) it should work.

File lost when "Disconnect when Operation Finishes" selected


I was transferring a 300 MB file to my Win2000 machine via SCP, and selected "Disconnect when Operation Finished" from the "copying" dialogue box. It disconnected, but there was no trace of the file.

When I did not select "Disconnect when Operation Finishes", the transfer completed, and the file was copied from a temporary file (called "scp3xxxx", or some such) into he destination directory.

I got the same results when testing on Win98. Is this the expected behavior?

I am not sure this is a request for help as much as it is a bug report. Thanks for an otherwise superb program.