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Re: ini file being used by another porcess

martin wrote:

In general you should not rely on external configuration in your scripts.
To isolate your script from any configuration, use /ini=nul command line switch:

If you really want to use an external configuration INI file (though again, you should not), set the INI file read-only to prevent WinSCP from trying to update it.

We set the INI file read-only. It works. Thanks for your help.

ini file being used by another porcess

When I execute winscp script, I am getting this.
Can't create file 'C:\winscp\winscp.ini'
The porcess cannot access the file because itis being used by another process.

The error occur only when a lot of scripts are running together. If one or two scripts are running together is ok.

Please help me to resolve the problem.