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+1 for Queue save on exit for reload

New to the forum.

I was google searching to find out how to turn Queue Save on Exit for WinSCP.

It made no sense to me that this didn't happen. It seemed the whole point of the software.

Can anyone recommend a different program that supports this?

+1. Would you consider having a voting system for prioritizing new features?

OK, thanks for your feedback.


I loved to see this feature too, I uploading to a slow computer, which is not always available, so my upload interrupted a lot of time and I need to add the item again the next day/later.
Would be nice to save this information in the workspace.

Re: Save queue list before exit

Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider it.

Save queue list before exit

hi all,

first of all, congratulations for this application !

I use ot to download big file from a computer which is not connected 24 horus a day. so Sometimes I shutdown the computer and I come back later. When I have downloads in the queue it isn't saved after exit. So next time when I connect to WinSCP I have to add again all files to the queue.

Is there an option to save the content of the queue before exiting and to restore it during start-up?

have a nice weekend,