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hmmm...ok. Is it possible to specify all directories since mine have all different names and are very similar to the file names I am trying not to copy?

Re: 4.7.5 include/exclude filter

The filter is applied to directories as well. So you need to to specify names of directories to allow.

4.7.5 include/exclude filter

I tried using the exlude/include filter for the norton interface to scp file. The exclude filter works, but the include filter does not seem to work. Is it the same format for using include. IE. using *.jou;*.txt in the box. I have tried it for a simple cas of *.jou and it doesn't scp any files. ahh...did some more testing..the include works if the file is in the current directory but it will not work if the file is in the a higher directory. So it will no search the directory structure. Is it possible to make it scp files using the include filter in higher directories? Thanks a lot.