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Topic review


+1. Would you consider having a voting system for prioritizing new features?

OK, thanks for your feedback.


I loved to see this feature too, I uploading to a slow computer, which is not always available, so my upload interrupted a lot of time and I need to add the item again the next day/later.
Would be nice to save this information in the workspace.

Re: Save queue list before exit

Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider it.

Save queue list before exit

hi all,

first of all, congratulations for this application !

I use ot to download big file from a computer which is not connected 24 horus a day. so Sometimes I shutdown the computer and I come back later. When I have downloads in the queue it isn't saved after exit. So next time when I connect to WinSCP I have to add again all files to the queue.

Is there an option to save the content of the queue before exiting and to restore it durint start-up ?

have a nice weekend,