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Re: ActiveX Automation - Can't create object

Where do you have "reference to the WinSCP scripting interface .NET wrapper"?

What error do you get, when you "create the objects"?

ActiveX Automation - Can't create object

Hi all! I'm probably missing something simple here but I can't get my VB Script to create the objects I need to do a file transfer.
I've installed WinSCP-5.9.2-Setup.exe.
I've registered the 23-bit and 64-bit tlb's. No issues...

I have a reference to the WinSCP scripting interface .NET wrapper (1.3). - I THINK this might be the issue. That's the only reference that shows up. I can add the tlb's by browsing but they won't stick...

I copied the code samples like:

Dim SessionOptions as WinSCP.SessionOptions

but the only way I can get all the options etc to pop up is by writing

Dim SessionOptions as WinSCPnet.SessionOptions

I haven't been able to find a WinSCP to download - only a WinSCPNet... What am I doing wrong, please?

Oh yeah, I'm running the scripts on a 64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2 Std, btw...